Top Online Casino Loyalty Bonuses


What are Casino Loyalty Bonuses?

Casino Loyalty Bonuses

This can be defined as a reward system that online betting houses use to reward players who regularly wager with them. You can expect to find this kind of scheme at most if not all top online operators. After registering a real money account and depositing money, you're automatically enrolled in the rewards program, if not, you can opt-in from the promotions' page.

Basically, you'll earn points or a casino currency equivalent for every bet you make. Note that these points can then be converted into cash or other rewards such as gifts, free spins, bonus money and so on.

How Loyalty Bonuses Work

Casino Loyalty Bonuses

Firstly, it's important to understand the structure of the program and how to progress to attain the highest level. Most sites have a tier-based structure that provides new and ever-increasing rewards at different levels. You'll find that some have levels like bronze, silver, and gold or any other structure - usually, a metric to determine the quality of bonuses to award you.

Once you have attained the required number of comp points, your level is automatically upgraded and the next set of perks is unlocked.

Keep in mind that different games get you these points at different rates based on the game's variance. For instance, wagering on video slots awards points at a much faster rate than blackjack - normally, slots have a higher variance than table games.

Types of Rewards Programs

Casino Loyalty Bonuses

Casino loyalty bonuses vary from one game website to the other. However, the best ones offered at top online gambling establishment are as follows;

  • Cash Back Bonuses: This perk allows you to recoup a certain percentage of your total bets after reaching the set milestone - these will vary from site to site. For example, you could be allowed to redeem your points into cash or spins when you accumulate 500 points within a month.
  • Tier-Based Progression: This is the most commonly available. Here, points accumulate for all real money bets you make. Usually, you ascend the ladder as you continue wagering. The higher the level, the better the incentives; you get free entry to private tournaments, tickets to various sporting events and much more.
  • Track Rewards: It's worth mentioning these casino loyalty bonuses - they include base track, spins track and bonus track. The base track comprises all the basic prizes including free spins and boosters for your favorite games. Spins track is obviously meant for slots players while the bonus track is suitable for those who dabble with different games.

The Best Loyalty Bonus Tips

In order to find great loyalty casino promotions and get the best value for your money, you should heed the following tips;

  • Do your homework by reading reviews and any other material with reliable information online
  • Never forget to read the terms and conditions
  • Keep checking your point's progress to ensure that you stick to your budget